Smart Urine Disposer
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Smart Urine Disposer

Is the automatic urine disposer for the patients, the senior citizens, and the disabled who are inconvenient to move.

Urine suction, safe storage without contamination, displaying the count of urination, regular wearing for male and other various control technologies

Automatic treatment technology using urine-oriented suction

Optimized the sensor location and the body contact methods by reflecting the physiological features of urine discharge in men and women

Easy to get rid of the urine inside of the 'Smart Urine Disposer'

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What is good for using ‘Smart Urine Disposer’?
  • Automatic detection and suction of urine
  • Ergonomic design (comfort fit)
  • Maintain the dignity of patients
  • Hygiene management (help to prevent secondary infection such as bedsores)
  • Improve the quality of nursing and caring(mental, physical, economic)
  • Solve environmental problems of disposable paper diapers
Why do we need ‘Smart Urine Disposer’?
  • The need for an automatic urine treatment system for the elderly, the disabled, children, and the patients
  • Disposable diaper handling is urgent worldwide environment problem
  • Replace the diapers by perfectly handling both male and female urination without infection.
  • Preventing falls from beds, reducing the use of diapers, help to prevent secondaryinfection, and nursing cleanliness.
  • Reducing the workloads, costs and time of family, caregivers and medical officers in hospitals